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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection a visual examination of the mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems of a structure or of the structural components of a structure.

What is a inspection report?

"Inspection Report" is an analysis, opinion or conclusion, regarding the condition of a residential or commercial structure, that is:
A. Provided after an inspection, in a written report, for or with the expectation of receiving compensation for the report; and B. Designed to describe and identify the inspected systems or structural components of the structure, their physical condition, any material defect and any recommendation for evaluation by another person.

Why should I get a home inspection when it is not required?
To bring to light any issues with the structure that may be addressed prior to closing the loan. It offers peace of mind knowing the largest investment of your life will be safe for your family.

Should I be there for my home inspection?

Yes, although not required we feel it is very important for you to attend your inspection along with your Realtor, so we can review your inspection and address any issues on the spot.

What parts of the home are inspected?

The home inspection is a limited visual inspection as a generalist. We do inspect pool & spas, roofs, structural components, the attic ventilation, insulation, exterior cladding, EIFS, electrical system, plumbing system and the HVAC system. Areas that are inaccessible are not part of this inspection including but not limited to: behind walls, furniture, under rugs, inaccessible areas and below soil.

How will I receive my inspection report?

We provide you with a written report via email. You will receive a email within 24 hours after your home inspection is completed.

How long will my home inspection take?

The time it takes for a home inspector to inspect a property depends on the size, age, and condition. Most inspections vary between two to four hours in length.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all the Las Vegas and surrounding areas to include Henderson, Sunrise, North Las Vegas and more.